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If real psychics were recognized for their psychic abilities, psychic testing would be included with the physical sciences. Consider how psychic tests relate to Geology with Alchemists looking for the elixir of life. Ever tested the power of Healing Crystals? Consider Spiritual Crystallography - or "pyramid power" within the crystal formation of earth's rocks. Like early scientists searching for the elixir of life, let us do psychic tests with geology! Chemistry develops from Alchemy. Even famous scientists like Newton experimented with alchemy. Was Newton exploring a psychic basis for an elixir of life? [Some think Newton died from his alchemical work with heavy metals.]

How many early scientists realize the elixir of life is all about psychic tests - realizing perfection inside and out.

An Alchemist-Elixir-of-Life
"An Alchemist" searches for the elixir of life.
[from Thomas Wych]

Astronomy primarily learns about stars and star forms - LIGHT. Light is our primary symbol for spirituality, even God. Where is our Spiritual Astronomy. Yes let us use Psychic Tests with a "Spiritual" Astronomy. Let us psychically apply Relativity [and Relativity Ratios] to experience higher dimensions of awareness. Our Psychic Test CAN consciously "bring the heavens to earth!"

Sirius A and Sirius B for Spriritual Astronomy
Sirius A and Sirius B make up our brightest star. See Spiritual Astronomy.

In ancient Greece, Physics is Metaphysics. Great thinkers and mathematicians always use psychic tests. Pythagoras mystically aplies his Pythagorean theorem. Plato psychically tests his Archetypes. Psychic tests apply meta-physics to detail the spiritual core of our reality. Each great thinker applies their own psychic tests - searching for the elixir of life.

Elixir of life
from Raphael's "School of Athens," showing Pythagoras and Plato with
their elixirs of life. Pythagoras has his mystical math. Plato points upward
signifying his Archetypes. Aristotle tries to ground his teachings.

What about the source of Psychology and its "Spirit" relationships with Matter. Look at the days of the New Testament. Jesus and the Apostles continually expel "demons," to heal the mind and soul.

Why did science leave its spiritual roots? Why did science give up on the elixir of life? When will Psychic Tests take center stage and validate our ancient traditions? It's time for scientific tests to validate today's explorations of the paranormal and parapsychology!

Psychic Tests for Crop Circles
Some have actually done psychic tests in the creation of Crop Circles.

Real psychics know the power of Crop Circles. Many have witnessed ball-like light swirling over crops to create a magnetically enhanced design in the crops. As psychics get to their source, these Crop Circles get more revealing in their frequency and details. Just like sound vibrations can form sacred geometry in water or liquid molecules (cymatics), so psychic light connects to realms of the living and dead to manifest Crop Circles.

Real Psychics live by a spiritual law. These psychic laws connect to our physical reality, even as psychic light can form patterns in a farmer's crops.

use cymatics for psychic tests
This is low frequencies sound [21hz to 33hz] making pattern in water.

see white dwarf stars the size of earth for psychic tests
"Planetary Nebulas" are nebulas around Earth-sized Carbon Stars, similar
to Sirius B, also an Earth-sized star. [Images from the Hubble Telescope -
clockwise, Hourglass, Retina, Spirograph, Egg, Cat's Eye, & Ring Nebulas.]

Our western world currently chooses to separate Science and Spirituality. Psychic Tests are disassociated from almost all scientific testing. Quantum Physics realizes that the thought of an observer is a part of the experiment. In fact, the observer's observation actually determines the type of result [whether measuring waves or particles]. It is time for more scientists to stop their blind statistics and realize psychic connections to our quantum particles? Quantum physics is perfect for psychic tests. Let's allow real psychics do tests within physics. Let psychic tests bridge physics with metaphysics.

Biology is great at teaching us about various plants and animals, or about the organs of our body, cells, and DNA. What about psychic tests in Biology. Consider psychically testing the power of Animism and Shamans!

Psychic Eye in the reach of each arm
Eastern Religions are very shamanistic. This is a popular
Tibetan Buddhist Goddess. Her psychic reach extends with
a psychic eye in each hand of her 1000 arms.

Do we truly live in the "New Age," or were physic tests only reserved for drugged induced hippies singing about free love and an Age of Aquarius ... or musicals like "Hair" and portrayals of Jesus and Apostles as a Tribe of Hippies? The next generation, children from the 60s, seem more open to consciousness expansion and Eastern Philosophies. Let's do more psychic tests for these "Indigo Children," or even upcoming children of this Indigo generation?

We can also look at the psychic ramifications of technology. What about psychic websites, psychic networks, and the sharing of knowledge and energies through today's technologies? Again and again, time is ripe for more psychic tests with technology! [Beyond fiction or science fiction personifying the psychic mind of technology, is the future of psychic testing in science.]

Consider Earth's promised transformation! How do the best psychics connect to our eternal source. How can psychics help enact our promised global transformation? Look at the Millennial excitement that millions of Christians have and are praying for? How many real psychics can sense this impending transformation of Earth?

Yes, let's bring the heavens to Earth; let Earth shine within the light our awareness!

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