Egyptian God Ra Psychic Hotline

The title of this page started as Psychic Hotline to the Logos. I meant to show how the best psychics and clairvoyants connect to the “logos” the "archetypes," the "Word of God." Psychically, the Logos symbolizes core energies. Psychic services given on a "hotline" make psychics into a type of Logo Maker. If they truly have psychic abilities, these live psychics tap into the Logos. See how the best psychics read from a “sacred contract.” Psychics and Clairvoyants have a job to get you to your personalized connection with the "Logos."

The Best Psychics can tap into the logos; similar to how logos provide meaning.

When people turn to a psychic hotline they hope psychics and clairvoyants can connect them to the "source" of personalized revelation. A true reading can restore one’s sacred contract and establish true fulfillment in life.

After writing on archetypes and the Logos “word of God,” I choose to go back to the roots of western religion and the Egyptian God Ra. Ancient Egyptians opened their "psychic line" to Ra. Though the Egyptian God Ra would be the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscience, Great God beyond words, ancient egyptians choose a symobol, a neo-platonic "archetype" logos to focus their prayers and devotion. This Great Egypt God Ra is represented as a falcon headed human wearing the disk of the sun as a headdress. 

a pyschic line to the Egyptian God RA
A symbolic psychic hotline to the Egyptian God RA.
Real Psychics provide the water and incense for you
to touch the psychic source for your personal Revelations.

Ask yourself about the psychic source of the falcon and sun symbols of Ra. The sun is the source of all life. In ancient Egypt, Horus is also shown as the falcon headed. Horus represents the living SPIRIT of the Great God Ra upon Earth. [Jesus is often compared to Horus.] If we look for the source of Horus and Ra, we see that the falcon from ancient Egypt is the faster animal on Earth. They can dive to catch their prey because of two foci in each eye. Peregrine Falcon and many bird of prey are able to focus at a distance and up close a the same time. [Humans and all other animals can only have a single focus a time.]

Psychics can represent Horus
A Falcon or Hawk can represent the Egyptian God Ra,
or Horus as the Living Spirit of God on Earth.

real psychics are like Horus leading and guiding to personal revlelation
Here we can see Horus with the royal crown of upper and lower Egypt
leading the deceased "Ani" towards the light.

Ra and Horus with their symbolic falcon head represent a whole, holy perspective. Ra is the great eternal God, so great and omnipotent that Ra can seem far away, beyond words or personal contact. Horus on the other hand is up close, a living Spirit, which we connect to on Earth, even every day. The Ancient Egyptian would see Horus in their Pharaoh, a living representation of God on Earth. [Note, Ancient Egypt was a Theocracy]. All real psychics ultimately connect with the living power of God, seen in the symbol or Ra and Horus.

Yes, real psychics tap into their symbolic psychic hotline, able to "read" from up close and personal, and how individuals fit into the eternal picture. The actual psychic source is God, once represented as the Egyptian God Ra. All lines of life extend as Logos-Archetypes from God. Like a Logos Maker, real psychics personalize the "Logos" from the divine Logos.

The best psychics are like logo designers that assist our spiritual path through this lifetime. 


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[This psychic hotline idea will continue with how real psychics connect to the network of the subconscious.]

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