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London Dialectical Society, started in 1867. In 1871 they privately publish their reports and questioned various psychic abilities. Can people actually develop psychic abilities when exposed to real physics? A few dozen individuals get together for the London Dialectical Society. Some wanted to disapprove all psychic abilities, while a few actually hoped to enhance psychic abilities by providing the authenticity of various psychics. Individuals with certain psychic abilities were known, others unknown. Consider the excitement of certain members, hoping to verify particular psychic abilities, or even through increase their own psychic abilities through such participation.

How to develop psychic abilities with Florence Lee [Actor
from silent movies, in "City Lights" with Charlie Chaplin].

The late 1800s was a time where alchemy and scientific experiments mixed with the abilities of psychics experimenting with mesmerisms, electricity, and how to best develop psychic abilities. Let us paraphrase and use some contemporary terms when listing the objectives and results from the London Dialectical Society. It should be noted that these vification proceedures actually enhanced the repetitions of those with psychic abilities.

In order to test the psychic abilities of certain psychics, we shall jointly witness those claiming psychic abilities, and establish some propositions:

1. That certain psychics claim to have the ability to produce sounds of varied characteristics. The effects of enhanced psychic abilities can be heard in articles of furniture, the floor, and wall of the room. Accompanying these psychic ability tests are distinct vibrations produced without any muscular action by the psychic, or mechanical contrivance.

2. The psychic shows an ability to effect the movements of heavy articles without the use of hands or other objects.

3. The psychic has an ability to trigger sounds and movements that often occur at the times and in the manner asked for by the psychic, thus proving their psychic abilities to all present. These psychic abilities often occur by means of a simple code of psychic signals, answering questions of the psychic, and or spelled out in coherent communications.

4. Answers and communications provided for the psychic are, for the most part, of a commonplace character; but the ability to answer correctly what would only be known by one other than the psychic.


Psychic ability tests often show how to develop your psychic abilities. Now, let's go to what the committees of the London Dialectical Society summarized in their reports of various psychic ability tests.

1. Thirteen from the London Dialectical Society witness various psychic abilities, including the movement of heavy bodies. In some instances, the use of enhanced psychic abilities showed men slowly rise in the air and remain
there for some time without visible or tangible support.

2. Fourteen witnesses testify to having seen hands or figures,
not appertaining to any human being, but life-like in appearance
and mobility. These forms have sometimes touched or
even grasped them. They claim that these enhanced psychic abilities were not of an imposture or mere illusion.

Photos of Ghosts and Spirits around Spiritual Mediums
Photos of Ghosts and Spirits around Spiritual Mediums [These images from a chapter on "Psychic Photography" are in a 1921 book researched by a Dr. Hereward Carrington. Mediums with enhanced psychic abilities can connect with "ghosts and spirits" as is shown in these old photos. These are respected individuals testifying to the authenticity from these photos of ghosts and spirits. On the left is Lady Glenconner who recognizes the apparition as a lost friend. Note: a future link will show additional photos of ghosts and spirits.]

3. Five witnesses state having been touched by some invisible agency, on various parts of the body, and often where requested, when the hands of all present were visible.

4. Thirteen witnesses declare that they heard musical pieces being played upon instruments not manipulated by an ascertainable agency.

5. Five witnesses state that they have seen red-hot coals applied
to the hands or heads of several persons without producing
pain or scorching. Three witnesses did the same experiment, proving the ability of such immunity.

6. Eight witnesses state that they have received precise information
through rappings, writings, and in other ways, the accuracy of which was unknown at the time to themselves or to any persons present, and which, on subsequent inquiry was found to be correct.

7. One witness declares that he received a precise and detailed statement through the psychic medium, yet states it was entirely erroneous.

8. Three witnesses affirm enhanced psychic abilities, being present when
drawings, both in pencil and colors, were produced in so short a time that under such conditions human agency is impossible.

9. Six witnesses verify the use of enhanced psychic abilities after receiving information of future events, that in some cases the hour and minute of their occurrence have been accurately foretold, days and even weeks before.

blake-psychic-ability-prochecy-from william blake printed book

In addition to evidence of psychic abilities given above, the psychic mediums used trance speaking, healing, automatic writing, the introduction
of flowers and fruits into closed rooms, voices in the air, the ability to see visions in crystals and glasses, even the apparent elongation of the human body.

It must be noted that the Committee of The London Dialectical Society did their best to verify authentic psychic abilities, making sure no impostures or trickery was used. A large number of people from every grade of society believe in psychic abilities, even in how to develop psychic ability, or in the testing of psychic abilities as in these reports.

The fact that the whole civilized world are more or less influenced
by a belief in enhanced psychic abilities and their super-natural origin, we deem that the subject of psychics and psychic abilities is worthy of more serious attention and careful investigation than it has hitherto received.


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